What are the benefits?

Each year, the Fund will generate up to $450,000 to support environmental conservation initiatives. Moreover, the ability to also attract funds from sources outside the community is significant. For example, over the next five years, over $2 million could be raised for protecting our water, wildlife and natural places in our communities. It is anticipated that the funds will support both a broad array of acquisition and stewardship type projects.

This fund will:

  • Protect our water resources – watersheds, lakes, streams, and wetlands
  • Conserve and restore important habitats for fish and wildlife
  • Build on the network of natural places for people to enjoy
  • Help landowners care for nature on their properties
  • Protect ecosystems and their services important to the economy and communities
  • Encourage volunteer nature conservation and education activities

Everything I do depends on a healthy environment. I’m attached to the mountains. Hunting, fishing, and riding. I love it here.


Dave Carleton
President, BC Wildlife Federation Region 8 and avid outdoorsman


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