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Okanagan Biologists and new parents

What do you love about the Okanagan? 

Hillary: What I love about the Okanagan is the abundance of nature and natural areas that are available for us to experience.

What do you worry about when you think about the Okanagan and the environment in the future? Why is a healthy environment important to you?

Hillary: I think in the Okanagan we’re facing real problems with increasing development in the area and so protecting natural spaces is a key priority to be focused on for the Okanagan.

What do you think about a household levy of $10/average/year? What could the benefits of a South Okanagan Conservation Fund be?

Hillary: We absolutely support the idea of a levy to preserve natural spaces in the Okanagan. Growing up in Victoria I’ve seen what the conservation fund there has done for that area. It’s an excellent example of what can be done here in the Okanagan. It’s really such a small dollar amount that you’re asking people for and you’re contributing to something that is going to last a lifetime.