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Real Estate Agent

What do you love about the Okanagan? 

I love its natural beauty. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in Canada, if not the world. The diversity is so great. Here we are in the desert, the only desert in Canada and yet we have high alpine skiing close by. The mountains to the east are beautiful, the valleys that surround us are beautiful. I love it all. The Okanagan sells itself because of its natural beauty.

What do you worry about when you think about the Okanagan and the environment in the future? Why is a healthy environment important to you?

I’m concerned about protecting the environment for all who live here. What’s good for the environment is good for its inhabitants, all of its inhabitants, not just the people.

What do you think about a household levy of $10/average/year? What could the benefits of a South Okanagan Conservation Fund be?

I’m in favour of the conservation fund. It’s a small amount of money you’re asking people to contribute to have a clean living environment – cleaner air, less invasive species, green spaces for people to enjoy. People need to look at the natural world around them and cherish what we have here in own back yard.