Penticton Creek Restoration

Penticton Fly Fishers Society

Penticton Creek has historically been a significant and productive tributary that provided important habitat for kokanee salmon and rainbow trout for Okanagan Lake. In the late 1940s – early 1950s, the creek was significantly modified in order to protect the City from future flooding. Flood protection included channelizing many sections of the creek and installing a full concrete lining in the lower reaches. These flood control measures have resulted in major losses of fish habitat and have contributed to the overall decline of fish populations in Okanagan Lake, and are now reaching an age where the infrastructure is deteriorating. The Penticton Creek Restoration Project will restore the creek to a more natural state while maintain or improving flood protection measures, remove barriers for fish passage, create habitat improvements such as spawning gravel beds, runs, riffles and pools, to increase the aesthetic, ecological and social values of the creek. This phase works on one of the highest priority sections for restoration from a fisheries and flood risk perspective.