Fairview Heritage Townsite Society

The vision of the Fairview Heritage Townsite Society (FHTS) is to protect, preserve, conserve and present through education and display, the unique history and environment that is the gold mining town of Fairview.

Located on the western slope of the Southern Okanagan Valley, three kilometres west of the Town of Oliver, the Fairview Heritage Townsite marks the place of some of the first Anglo-European settlement activity in the South Okanagan Valley. Commencing with the discovery of gold in 1869, and the first notable claim in 1887 called the Stemwinder, mining was the key economy that drew an approximate population of 400 to the area. From 1892 through 1899 new businesses, government offices, stores and hotels, including the spectacular three-storey Hotel Fairview were constructed in support of the thriving town. Although largely vacated by 1920, twenty-two points of historical significance remain within the site.

The Society recognizes the ecological value of the site lands and seeks to preserve the land as close as possible in its natural state while enhancing public education and appreciation of its natural and social history. The site consists of many environmentally sensitive areas, along with twelve rare species of flora and fauna. This project seeks to engage professional environmental advice for a plan to address some of the areas disturbed by flooding and excessive runoff during 2017 and 2018, and have some overall advice for controlling invasive plants in and around areas that are environmentally sensitive.

This project was approved by the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen Board and $ 2,000 was allocated from the South Okanagan Conservation Fund in 2019. Unfortunately, the project was unable to move forward and the funding was returned.