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The purpose of the South Okanagan Conservation Fund (SOCF) is to provide local financial support for important projects that will contribute to the conservation of our valuable natural areas; one step towards restoring and preserving a healthy environment. The intent is to provide funding for conservation projects that are not the existing responsibility of the federal, provincial or local governments.

These funds are in support of undertaking and administering activities and projects that include, but are not limited to, water, environment, wildlife, land and habitat conservation efforts to protect natural areas within the participating areas of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen. SOCF funding is available for conservation projects that result in the reduction to a known threat to biodiversity.

Projects that are technically sound and effective, and provide value for money through partnerships with other funders will have priority. Proponents must be a registered not-for-profit organization, or organizations may partner with a qualified organization. Multi-year projects are acceptable to a maximum three years – however proponents must apply each year.  A Technical Review Committee will review project proposals and make recommendations to the RDOS for final funding approval.

Annual Timeline

August – September  Call For Proposals
September   – Applications Due
October/November –RDOS and Technical Advisory Committee Review
December – RDOS Board of Director’s Final Approval
January – Applicants Notified
February – March Funding Agreement Documents Finalized and Final Reporting for previous year projects due

Note: land acquisition or covenant proposals may be submitted at any time during the year provided there is sufficient time for the Technical Advisory Committee and the RDOS to review proposals.

Any money not allocated from the South Okanagan Conservation Fund in any given year will be added on to, and available as part of, the following year’s funding allocation.

Project Application Requirements

Proposals must meet the Mandatory Requirements before they will be considered. These are:

  1. Projects must be delivered in the fund service area which includes RDOS electoral areas A, C, D, E, F, and I, the District of Summerland, Town of Oliver, and City of Penticton.
  2. Projects must address at least one IUCN threat to biodiversity as specified in the Terms of Reference.
  3. Proponents must be non-profit, have registered society status or must partner with an organization that has registered society status.
  4. Proponents must be prepared to make a 10 minute presentation on the outcomes of their work on an annual basis, in addition to submitting a written interim, and final report.
  5. Proponents must provide at least one map, and a letter of support from a primary partner, or land manager/owner of the property where the project will take place.
  6. Only eligible activities will be considered for funding. See Appendix 1, Ineligible Activities, of the Terms of Reference for a list of the types of projects that will not be considered for funding.

All applicants must review the Terms of Reference before applying to the fund. The framework for the Technical Review of applications is based on the IUCN classification of threats and actions. Please refer to the Section 4.3 in the Terms of Reference related to Threats, and click the following helpful resource to identify conservation Actions that are also classified and identified under the IUCN system  (IUCN) Conservation Actions .

Grant Application Forms – APPLICATIONS ARE NOW Closed for 2022.

The deadline for applications October 3, 2022.

It is worth reviewing the “form help” tips on working with PDF forms below before you begin your application.

Application Form 2022 (pdf)

Application Budget Template 2022 

Guidance for Applications 2022 (pdf) 

Working Draft Word Version of Application Form 2022 (for drafting and group editing) 

Acquisition/Securement Projects  Acquisition project applications may be submitted at any time during the year provided there is sufficient time for the Technical Advisory Committee and the RDOS to review the proposals. All securement proposals will be treated as confidential unless other specific arrangements have been approved by all parties.

Acquisition Application Form 2022 (Word)

Guidance for Acquisition Applications 2022

Budget Template for Acquisition Applications 2022

Grant Reporting Forms

Interim Report (Interim Reports are due September 1, 2022)
Final Report (Final Reports due February 15, 2023) 

Have you completed the final year of a multi -year project? Please use the Multi- Year Final Report Form. 

Form Help

Please follow these instructions for filling out the .pdf forms:

  1. Install the most recent version of Adobe Reader (
  2. Save the form to your local drive on your computer
  3. Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro/Reader application
  4. On the Acrobat Reader menu, go to File->Open. Open the file from where you saved it.
  5. Complete the form and save the changes before emailing or printing.


Applications to the South Okanagan Conservation Fund for 2022 are now CLOSED. 

Applications are to be submitted electronically via email to:

or, hard copy to:

C/O RDOS 101 Martin St. Penticton BC V2A 5J9

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